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2 February 2007

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613photo on Lucky
This is a nice shot. I really love the way the mist scattered the lights from the locomotive.

Jen on Lucky
I love the illumination of the train light...beautiful shot!

Jerry on Lucky
Wonderful capture Dustin! Compelling image!

Kheoh Yee Wei on Lucky
Yeah,amazing shot !

Nick Passantino on Lucky
this is an incredible shot. great capture.

Shriram on Smoke in Denver
Very nice shot!

Jerry on overpass
This is a nice capture and a unique perspective...well done Dustin!

Craiger on Underpass
Very nice shot Dustin!

Dan Meyers on Underpass
The light is great on the overpass. Great image!

Jen on Underpass
I like it! Great composition!

Jerry on Underpass
Dustin - GREAT perspective - very compelling image !!!!!

Lynne on Guitar Hero II
Rock on!

j. coleman miller on Guitar Hero II
...not your usual pomp and circumstance, but she's JAMMIN!

Daniel on The "Family"
Funny shot.

Ashwin on The "Family"
Aah great mood! What I like most is the expression on their faces that you've captured. Super cool ! :)

Immersed Photography on The "Family"
Wow! Really good production on this, not seen that often. Keep it up!

Chris Sullivan on The "Family"
"Only don't tell me you're innocent. Because it insults my intelligence and makes me very angry". ...

Yanle on The "Family"
Is this a studio shoot (then maybe the sky is taken separately and PSed into this??) I asked that because the lighting ...

Fred on The "Family"
The lighting is very dramatic also, it adds to the overall feel of this shot.

Herve on Mad Scientist
Once again a good fisheye effect ! Very funny picture ! :)

benjamin on The "Family"
amazing work. everythings just right

Leslie Horacek on The "Family"
Fabuloso, everyone is well positioned, including the sky!

Jason Kravitz on Bond Style Hostage
how'd I miss this one before - fun shot!

Jason Kravitz on The "Family"
ha - this could be a promotional poster for a new TV series. Nice job! The clouds are perfect too.

Manuela Photography on The "Family"
Excellent "mafia" feeling & your title is most appropriate... ;)

Aaron Schmidt on The "Family"
This is a great shot ... love the open trunk in the background and the guy reaching into his coat pocket. Great ...

Zach Siebert on DJ Flyp
hey, i'm a dj! wanna take some pics? good use of the fisheye. generally very cool.

Nick Chase on Bond Style Hostage
I really like your directorial type images. The fish eye lens is great for close ups. I wish I had one.

Rene on Bond Style Hostage
Hmm, somehow I don't see Mr. Bond being gagged, but hey it made me look. Nice shot.

Rene on Bond Style Hostage
Hmm, somehow I don't see Mr. Bond being gagged, but hey it made me look. Nice shot.

Daniel on Bond Style Hostage
A fine idea, nicely executed. Cheers!

Angry Buddha on Bond Style Hostage
To quote Pacino...Great ass! Nicely done.

Kheoh Yee Wei on Bond Style Hostage
A dramatic shot ! Love it !

Gabriel on Bond Style Hostage
well done!

Fred on Bond Style Hostage
This grabbed my attention. If thats the effect your going works lol

benjamin on Dead Man

Kheoh Yee Wei on Dead Man
Great shot !

Sidonie on Dead Man
Fisheye lens? Fishy looking knife there in his back. Can't get a grip on this one, so I like it a lot, a real ...

Daniel on Bill on Coke.... Not really it's Flour
If only his eyes had more of a glazed over look! Nice shot

Daniel on Piercings
Yikes! I don't want to be peirced. Nice shot with kinda creepy lighting. Cheers!@

Duncan Galbraith on Piercings
Its wonderfully lit! very dramatic and the model herself is as yesterdays, most intense! The obviously posed nature of ...

Duncan Galbraith on Bill on Coke.... Not really it's Flour
Thats a very intense shot! I love the perspective as its very 'cinematic' and conjures up memories of ...

Kheoh Yee Wei on Piercings
Looks scary ! Anyway it is a great shot,nice colors .

Zach Siebert on Bill on Coke.... Not really it's Flour
great...too bad you gave away the secret in the title

Kheoh Yee Wei on Bill on Coke.... Not really it's Flour
Nope,i think it is just fine !

Still on Maycy Post Storm
lovely portrait of a good friend!

Rita on Maycy Post Storm
It's so beautiful! How do you get the dog still to shoot.. my puppy doesn't sit for a minute!

Evelyn on My Bro
Nice light.

Duncan Galbraith on My Bro
Looks like a cool customer Dustin ;)

Duncan Galbraith on Vertical dispenser
HEy Dustin! long time no see! its good to see you back on AM3 mate and a belated happy new year! Love the macro/detail ...

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